BELKI teknik

BELKI teknik ApS has been working with the filtration and separation of process fluids in industry since 1989 and for the last 15 years this has been its primary business area. BELKI is a family-owned company with a strong corporate culture, which for many years has enjoyed a reputation as a quality conscious and trustworthy business partner. BELKI currently does most of its business in the export trade, which generates approx. 75% of company revenue; to effectively support this part of its business, BELKI operates subsidiaries in Germany and the United States.

BELKI is set apart from other providers in the filtering industry by its flexibility and by our readiness to adapt our solutions to customer needs. BELKI's product range is modular in design and can therefore be combined in countless ways, so we can always find the optimum solution for the specific requirement.

BELKI has extensive experience in all types of filtration and separation of process fluids, and can help out with projects of all sizes, as well as design and service for the industry.

BELKI is represented at several trade fairs in Europe - both at our own and dealers' stands. You will find BELKI equipment at the following fairs.

Equipment for separation and filtration of process fluids

BELKI's product range has grown over the years and we constantly develop, construct and devise new solutions to be at the forefront among the best in the category of filtering equipment. The term "Industry 4.0" requires a great deal of attention in the filtration industry. Therefore, over a number of years, we have been working to improve and further develop our contribution to this, as we call BELKI Check System. A system that can automatically measure and adjust the concentration in the coolant emulsion without requiring any operator action. In addition, BELKI Check System enables monitoring and logging of a wide range of fluid parameters, such as pH value, water consumption, temperature and conductivity. Our current customers are very satisfied with the system, which is extremely stable and helps to optimize the processes in their companies.

In addition to the BELKI Check System, we have many other types of filtration equipment that help extend the lifetime of the process fluids and thus protect the environment from unnecessary strain. BELKI's best known product is probably our oil separators, which separates tramp oil from various process fluids, such as washing liquids / degreasing fluids and cooling lubricants. Our oil separator has been existing for around 30 years and is to be found in many machine factories worldwide. In addition, BELKI produces a wide range of other filtration equipment such as:

  • BELKI Smart Unit - the mobile combination of deep bed filter, oil separation and magnetic fine filtration
  • Deep bed filter - for filtering grinding fluids, cooling lubricants and degreasing agents from machining machines and central systems
  • Magnetic filter - for magnetic fine filtration of process fluids, which in particular contains particles from cast iron machining and grinding
  • Inline magnetic filter (Ultra Mag) - for magnetic fine filtration of solids and ferritic particles from process fluids in the cutting industry
  • Paper belt filter - a simple and reliable filter for filtering process fluids
  • Hydrocyclone - for separation of abrasive fluids
  • Belt skimmer - for removing surface oil from degreasing baths or cooling lubricants
  • Filter paper - various types for tape filters and filter systems

BELKI also builds complete central systems that combine our individual products into a single, customized by-pass or full-flow filter system. Central systems contain several filtration steps and are tailored 100% to the customer's wishes and needs.

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