Industrial filtration and separation of process fluids

At BELKI we produce and supply filtration equipment for the separation and filtration of process fluids. We manufacture a wide range of products as well as customized solutions, but always in stainless steel.

BELKI's filtration equipment is mostly used in the machining industry, automotive, aerospace and related industries. Our technology is used to filter process fluids such as coolants, neat oils, washing water and industrial waste water. The filtration equipment is typically used in production plants which use processing machines such as CNC turning / milling machines and grinding machines. BELKI's filtration equipment ensures effective cleaning and filtration of, among other things, tramp oils, aluminium, plastic and metal chips from the process fluids. Furthermore, the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced by removing tramp oil from the bath surface.

Environmentally friendly and life-extending filtration equipment

At BELKI, we manufacture many types of filtration equipment that help to extend the lifetime of process fluids and thereby protect the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Our most well-known product is our oil separators, which we have been producing for more than 30 years and which can be found in many machine factories around the world. We also have many other types of filtration equipment, which you can see below.


Your specialist for innovative filtration solutions

BELKI is an innovative player in the filtration industry. Every day we work to invent, design and develop new solutions, so that we can offer the best filtration equipment to our customers. We value flexibility and customized solutions. Therefore, we offer standard solutions as well as solutions that are adapted exactly to your needs and requirements.

Our product range is modular and can be combined in many different ways. This ensures that the right solution for the specific challenge is always found. We are pleased to support you in all project sizes as well as in design and service in filtration technology.

BELKI centralanlæg


Competent partner for filtration since 1989

Our work is based on many years of experience with filtration and separation of process fluids. We are a family-owned company with a strong culture and have for many years had the reputation of being a quality-conscious and reliable partner for our customers.

In addition to our Danish company, we have subsidiaries in Germany and the USA and are represented by many partner companies all over Europe. Meet us at various trade fairs Europe-wide.

BELKI Check System - our contribution to Industry 4.0

Our product range has grown over the years and we have worked over several years to improve and develop our contribution to the filtration industry - a contribution to "Industry 4.0", which we call the BELKI Check System.

The BELKI Check System can automatically measure and adjust the concentration of coolant concentration in the emulsion without requirering any operator action. With the system, you can simultaneously monitor and record a large number of fluid parameters such as pH value, water consumption, temperature and conductivity.

BELKI Check System

Equipment for separation and filtration of industrial process fluids

The BELKI product range is wide and is constantly being expanded with new, efficient products, all made of stainless steel. Our standard products for filtration and separation of process fluids are:

  • BELKI Smart Unit - the mobile combination of deep bed band filter, oil separation and magnetic fine filtration
  • BELKI Filter System (BFA) - modular filter systems for the filtration of coolant lubricants
  • Deep bed band filter - for filtering grinding fluids, cooling lubricants and degreasing agents from machining machines and central systems
  • Oil separator - separation of tramp oil from various process fluids such as washing fluids, degreasing fluids and coolant lubricants
  • Magnetic filter - for magnetic fine filtration of process fluids containing, for example, particles from cast iron machining or grinding
  • Inline magnetic filter (Ultra Mag) - for magnetic fine filtration of solids and ferritic particles from process fluids in the cutting industry
  • Paper belt filter - a simple and reliable filter for filtering process fluids
  • BELKI Check System - automatic measurement and adjustment of the concentration of coolant concentration in the emulsion
  • Central system - customized by-pass or full-flow central systems, which are modularly constructed from our products range and contain several filtration stages
  • Hydro cyclones - for separation of abrasive fluids
  • Belt skimmer - for removing surface oil from degreasing baths or coolant lubricant tanks with small surfaces
  • Filter paper - different types for paper band filters and deep bed band filter systems
  • Pumps - for example to remove floating chips from the bath surface


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