Area of use

The BELKI oil skimmer is a compact belt skimmer, which is used to remove oil from the surface with coolants / lubricants, emulsions and degreasing baths.


The oil is removed by a rotating belt passed down through the surface of the liquid. Oil floating on the liquid surface sticks to the belt. The belt pulls the oil free of the liquid surface and elevates it to the skimmer, where it is scraped off the belt and runs down into the skimmer separation tank.


  • Can be fixed to the machine
  • 51/101 N is a high model. It requires a little more space due to the plastic container for collecting leaked oil
  • 51/101 NK is a low model without built-in oil separator that can be used where there is not much space in height. Without built-in collection container
  • 51/101 NKS is a low model with built-in oil separator that separates oil and emulsion. Collection capacity 1 l

Technical specifications for belt skimmers

Type Item nummer Connection (V/Hz) Power (W) Material Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
51 N T06-051-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 310 130 380
101 N T06-101-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 310 130 380
51 NK T06-052-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 310 130 215
101 NK T06-102-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 310 130 215
51 NKS T06-053-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 360 130 215
101 NKS T06-103-000 230/50 6 EN1.4301 360 130 215

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