Application of BFCP

The BFCP (BELKI Floating Chip Pump) is used to remove floating chips from the surface of tanks in the plastics and light metal processing industry.

Operation of BFCP

The BFCP (BELKI Floating Chip Pump) sucks the particles from the bath surfaces via a variable-height floating suction system and then conveys them for filtration. The suction system is individually adapted to the minimum and maximum bath levels, with a minimum level of 100 mm and level variation of up to 150 mm.

Advantages of BELKI Floating Chip Pump (BFCP)

  • Effective cleaning of the bath surfaces for further filtration
  • Effective cleaning of the bath surfaces for further oil separation
  • Pump motor optionally available with 1x 230 V/50 Hz oder 3x 400 V/50 Hz
  • Optimally controllable by integrated frequency converter
  • Simple installation in existing tank systems
  • Suitable for tank systems with a surface of up to 30 m²

How can we help you?

Are you looking for a solution to remove floating particles from your bath surfaces? The BELKI Floating Chip Pump (BFCP) offers you the opportunity to do this. Our competent team is always ready to advise you about our pumps and to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us...

Range of BELKI Floating Chip Pumps (BFCP)

BELKI Floating Chip Pump - 100/150


BELKI Floating Chip Pump - 150/250


BELKI Floating Chip Pump - 200/350


Technical specifications for BELKI Floating Chip Pump (BFCP)

Type Item number Capacity up to (l/min) Flow up to (m) Pipe connection (BSP) Level variation (mm) Connection (V/Hz) Minimum level in the tank (mm) Maximum particle size (mm)
BFCP 100/150 BFCP-Ø133-10-100/150 100 1,5 1 1/2" 50 1x 230/50 / 3x 400/50 100 10
BFCP 150/250 BFCP-Ø133-10-150/250 100 1,5 1 1/2" 100 1x 230/50 / 3x 400/50 150 10
BFCP 200/350 BFCP-Ø133-10-200/350 100 1,5 1 1/2" 150 1x 230/50 / 3x 400/50 200 10

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