Application of a BELKI Check System

BELKI Check System (BCS) measures and adjusts the concentration of coolant concentration in the emulsion without operator action. BCS is also used to top-up the tank as well as to monitor and log a wide range of fluid parameters. BCS can be connected to all cooling lubricant systems, e.g. central systems or a filtration system for an individual processing machine, and can be connected to both existing or new systems.

Operation of a BELKI Check System

BCS automatically maintains the pre-set concentration of coolant concentrate by filling with a low concentration, and then adding coolant concentrate until the desired concentration is reached. In addition, the system also logs a range of fluid parameters according to the sensor configuration, and thereby enables the operator to evaluate fluid and operational parameters. Using the BCS system it is possible to measure and log water consumption, pH value, conductivity, temperature and pressure.

Advantages of a BELKI Check System

  • Maintain optimal concentration, saving time for manual top-up and control
  • No risk of overspending concentrate
  • Correct concentration optimizes the quality of output and reduces wear on cutting tools
  • Improved working environment

How can we help you?

Are you looking for an automatic concentration monitoring of your coolant lubricant? Do you need additional information about temperatures, water consumption or pH-values? Our competent team is always ready to advise you on concentration measurements and coolant monitoring and to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us...

Working principle of a BELKI Check System

BELKI Check System

The BELKI Check System (BCS) can measure and continuously adjust the concentration of coolant concentration in the emulsion. Used on centralized systems or on filter systems of processing machines, preset concentrations can be automatically regulated and maintained. With the BCS it is also possible to measure and log water consumption, pH value, conductivity, temperature and pressure.

BELKI Check System Version 3.0


Technical specifikations for BELKI Check System (BCS)

Type Item nummer Connection (V/Hz) Material Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
BCS Version 3.0 T175-010-010-010 3x400/50 EN1.4301 604 604 1974

Configurations of a BELKI Check System

BELKI Check System 3.0 is supplied in three configurations with the option to purchase sensors as required.

The basic version requires external fluid pressure, a minimum 2.5 bar, of both tap water and to the measuring line in the BELKI Check system.

BCS is supplied with an internal water pump if the system needs to be disconnected from the water supply.

BCS can also be delivered with an internal circulation pump if the system to be monitored cannot deliver a continuous pressure of 2.5 bar.

The standard BCS delivery is configured for refilling of the cooling lubricating tank, as well as measurement, logging and adjustment of the oil content in the cooling lubricant. In addition to measuring and logging of fluid parameters such as pH value, temperature, water consumption and conductivity, this can be added to the system if desired.

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