From country smithy to forward looking export business

BELKI teknik ApS is a family-owned company that combines the pride of craft traditions with great adaptability and an innovative approach to the industry.

The foundation of BELKI teknik was laid in 1888 as a small country smithy. In the 1960s, the smithy moved to larger premises, where better facilities gave opportunities for the continued development of the company. In 1979, the company was acquired by Ivan Skjellerup, an industrialist, and during the 1980s he designed the first paper band filters. It started production and is the foundation of BELKI teknik today. Throughout the 1990s, the development and production of high quality filtration equipment continued for many purposes and processes, and again, more capacity was required. In 1994 BELKI teknik moved to the existing premises in Rødkærsbro. Today, the day-to-day management is assumed by the third generation of the family, Bertel Skjellerup, who continues to develop the company according to the same model that has been so successful over 100 years.

Where we previously served local businesses as a subcontractor, BELKI teknik now exclusively produces filtering equipment, and our customers include many leading companies like Grundfos, Danfoss, Opel, VW and BMW. In the new millennium, exports of our products have been an important part of our strategy. In addition to a strong home market, it can be seen from the list of dealers that we are well represented in the world. Now exports to countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway account for most of the sales of BELKI teknik. The little smithy still exists, and today serves as a company museum for customers and suppliers.

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