Tilting skimmers for oil separators

BELKI teknik designs and manufactures a wide range of different units for skimming the liquid surface. All BELKI’s tilting skimmers are actively self-adjusting, ensuring that only the area of the liquid surface where the concentration of oil is greatest is skimmed.

In order to select the right tilting skimmer for the respective task, the capacity, space ratios, level variation and particle contamination of the liquid surface must be taken into account.

The first step is to choose the right cup size for the oil separator, see the table below. A-cup is the largest and E-cup the smallest.

Then select a type of tilting skimmer suitable for the other factors that apply, see the chart below.

Range of tilting skimmers and cups for oil separators

BELKI tilting skimmer with elbow 1/2" is a versatile tilting skimmer for large level variations. It can be used on almost all BELKI oil separators from type 321 and upwards.

Tilting skimmer type 01

BELKI tilting skimmer with elbow 1/4" is the tilting skimmer which is most frequently used together with the oil separator type 211H. The skimmer will fit in most tanks, and can operate with a level variation of up to 140 mm.

Tilting skimmer type 02

BELKI tilting skimmer with guide is used when only limited space is available in the machine tank. The length of the suction pipe can be varied to equalize level variations.

Tilting skimmer type 03

BELKI's floating skimmer is used for larger bath surfaces and large level variations. The floating skimmer is versatile and available in various forms - in compact design, with 3 or 4 balls and different suction cups, as well as with guiding arms.

Tilting skimmer type 04

BELKI tilting skimmer can be used in tanks with defined level variations. Due to the tilting and rocking movement, the tilting skimmer automatically aligns itself to the bath surface. Due to its own movement, a tilting skimmer can compensate for defined level variations. These variations are based on the size of the cup.

Tilting skimmer type 08

The BELKI box suction is a special skimmer that is used, when space is limited and there are large level variations. It has an inlet pipe, a vent pipe and a suction pipe. The inlet pipe adapts automatically to the fluid level and thus effectively cleans the bath surface from tramp oil.

Box suction type 20

The BELKI cup suction is used if, in addition to tramp oils, particles and chips are also present on the bath surface. As a special suction, this cup suction is used with the BELKI Smart Unit and with other oil separators, among others, in connection with the BELKI vacuum pump. BELKI cup suction requires only little space, so that it can also be used in tanks with small openings.

Cup suction type 40

The BELKI cups type A to type E are used when defined, known level variations are present. Due to their tilting movements, they are self-regulating and automatically compensate for level variations from 35 mm (type E and D) to 150 mm (type A). Additionally, the cup type B is available with a strainer (type B+). Most cups are also available in reduced widths.


Recommended cup sizes for oil separators

Oil separator Capacity (l/h) A-cup (pcs.) B-cup (pcs.) C-cup (pcs.) D-cup (pcs.) E-cup (pcs.)
211H 25 1 1
321 150 1-2 1-2 1-2
60S 300 1 1-2 1-2 1-2
200LS 600 1 1-2 1-4
500LS 1200 1 1-2

Suitable tilting skimmer for oil separator

Suitable tilting skimmer Type 01 Type 02 Type 03 Type 04 Type 08 Type 20 Type 40
Large level variation X X X
Less space in the tank X X X
Particles in the fluid X X X (A-D) X

Capacity of tilting skimmer cups

This table gives an overview of the capacity of a selection of BELKI standard cups. The capacity of the individual cup depends on the fact, that the level variation doesn’t have to be done by the cup itself. The variation is done either by a free-floating tilting skimmer or by a tilting skimmer with elbow. The capacity given below is the absolute, maximum capacity at a constant level and a correctly set cup.

Cup (type) A B B B C D
Width (mm) 150 50 100 150 100 80
Capacity (l/min) 160 40 60 160 50 40

Examples of mounting brackets for tilting skimmers

Brackets for tilting skimmers

Magnetic mounting of brackets for tilting skimmers

Suitable brackets for tilting skimmers

BELKI has a variety of mounting brackets for easy installation of the tilting skimmers for oil separators. The brackets are available individually and as a set.

Stainless steel brackets:
Brackets 3 and 9 as well as sets 3+4+5 and 1+2+3+4+5 are suitable for mounting pipe sizes 1/4", 1/2" and 10 mm. The brackets 6 and 8 and the sets 4+5+6 and 1+2+4+5+6 are suitable for mounting the pipe sizes 3/4"–1".

Brackets with magnet:
For easy mounting of brackets on magnetic tanks and surfaces, we recommend the use of a magnet in conjunction with brackets 3 (Magnet set 1) or 3+4 (Magnet set 2) for the pipe sizes 10 mm to 1/2".
For pipe sizes 3/4"–1" we recommend using a magnet in combination with the brackets 6 (Magnet set 3) or 6+4 (Magnet set 4).

Universal brackets for tilting skimmers

Bracket 1


Bracket 2


Bracket 4


Bracket 5




Brackets for tilting skimmers (10 mm - 1/2")

Bracket 3

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-003

Bracket 9

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-009

Bracket 3+4+5

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-345

Bracket 1+2+3+4+5

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-000

Magnet set 1

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-M3

Magnet 2

(10 mm-1/2") T08-008-M34

Brackets for tilting skimmers (3/4" - 1")

Bracket 6

(3/4"-1") T08-008-006

Bracket 8

(3/4"-1") T08-008-008

Bracket 4+5+6

(3/4"-1") T08-008-456

Bracket 1+2+4+5+6

(3/4"-1") T08-008-030

Magnet set 3

(3/4"-1") T08-008-M6

Magnet set 4

(3/4"-1") T08-008-M46

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