Area of use

The BELKI Oil Separator is applied for removal of tramp oil and other surface contaminants from process fluids, e.g. coolants and degreasers. The BELKI Oil Separator is utilised as a fixed installation or mounted on a trolley for maintenance of any number of tanks.


The surface is skimmed by a self-regulating suction unit called tilting skimmer. The slow revolving, electrically driven diaphragm pump is designed to keep the tramp oil from being mixed into the fluid, thereby ensuring an effective separation. The tramp oil flows to a collecting container and the cleaned fluid flows back to the machine tank.


  • Self-regulating suction unit (tilting skimmer), only skimming the surface
  • The suction unit compensates for level variations in the tank
  • Gentle operation of the pump, ensuring effective oil separation
  • Easily adjustable so that only the oil is flowing to the oil container
  • The oil container has decantation function
  • Possibility for connection of several suction units (dependent on model type)
    211 H max 1 pcs. / 321 and 60 S max 2 pcs. / 200 LS max 4 pcs.
  • Module constructed; oil separator and pump can be mounted separately
    (for 60 S and 200 LS)

Technical specifications for oil separators

Type Item nummer Capacity (l/h) Surface (m²) Oil container (l) Connection (V/Hz) Consumption (W) Material Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
211H T21-211-700 25 1-2 2,5 230 6 EN1.4301 12,5 410 235 560
321 T206-321-230 / T206-321-400 150 5 5 230/3x400/50 250 EN1.4301 36 682 268 794
60S T04-060-230 / T04-060-400 300 15 20 230/3x400/50 250 EN1.4301 57 730 445 1065
200LS T62-002-000 600 25 20 3x400/50 250 EN1.4301 100 1075 471 1867
200LV T231-000-200 1000 40 40 230/3x400/50 - EN1.4301 150 1260 710 1610

Working principle of oil separator

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