Suitable accessories for the BELKI Smart Unit

The BELKI Smart Unit requires additional accessories to clean the cooling lubricant from machine sumps. It is possible to remove tramp oil from the surface with suitable surface skimming devices. For the collection of sediments and other solids we offer bottom suctions devices. The surface skimmers are fastened using various brackets, so that a suitable solution is available for every application. The hose connections to the BELKI Smart Unit can be easily and quickly connected via Camlock couplings. If ultra-fine filtration of ferritic particles is required, the BELKI Smart Unit can be extended with a magnetic filter. The magnetic filter purifies the cooling lubricant cleaned by the deep bed filter before oil separation takes place in the oil separator.


Suitable surface skimmers for BELKI Smart Unit

Type Item number Surface skimmer Space required (mm) Min. level (mm) Level variation (mm)
08 T08-08-06-035-D Tilting skimmer fixed, D-Cup 110 x 80 110 35
45 T632-000-010 Cup suction Ø168 with filter 250 x 185 105 75
45 T655-000-000 Cup suction Ø102 with filter 155 x 110 85 60

Suitable bottom suction devices for BELKI Smart Unit

Type Item number Bottom suction devices Space required (mm) Min. level (mm)
50 T633-006-000 Filter suction Ø68 x 125 Ø70 x 195 52
50 T633-000-000 Filter suction Ø122 x 275 Ø125 x 360 80

Brackets for surface skimmers

Type Item number Brackets Principle
4-5-6 T08-008-456 Bracket set 4-5-6 non-magnetic
Set 3 T08-008-M6 Magnet set 3 (6+magnet) magnetic

Camlock connection for BELKI Smart Unit

Type Item number Connection Suitable for
B 3/4" L73-B-506 Camlock connection All skimmer - one piece per suction is required

Magnetic filter for BELKI Smart Unit

Type Item number Magnetic filter Option for
2,5.60 T341-2560-610 For fine filtration of ferritic particles BELKI Smart Unit

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