Area of use

A deep bed band filter is an all-round and reliable filter for filtration of fluids. The BELKI Deep Bed Band Filter can be used for many processing fluids, for example grinding fluids, coolants and degreasers. Dependent on the application and requirement a deep bed band filter can be added with a magnetic filter for fine filtration of magnetic particles, smaller than the mesh size of the filter media.


The fluid is filtered through a non-woven filter media; the quality is chosen after the specific application. The used filter media is separated from the filter cake and can be removed separately. The filtration becomes more efficient if the filter cake which is built on the filter media, is not washed away. In contrast the filter cake establishes a filter layer that retains small particles.


A BELKI Deep Bed Band Filter gives the best utilisation of the filter media. No leaks occur due to rupture or overflow. A BELKI Deep Bed Band Filter is designed in stainless steel which ensures low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Available in the following models: 4,5.60 - 5.10 - 7.10 -10.15 - 12.20


Working principle of Deep Bed Band FIlter

Technical specifications for deep bed filters

Type Item nummer Capacity (max l/min) Filter surface (m²) Degree of filtration (µm) Acidity (pH) Temperature (°C) Connection (V/Hz) Material Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
4,5.60 T60-000-000 50 0,2 20-80 5-10 20-60 3x400/50 EN1.4301 817 621 363
5.10 T33-000-000 150 0,35 20-80 5-10 20-60 3x400/50 EN1.4301 1231 771 673
7.10 T32-000-000 225 0,50 20-80 5-10 20-60 3x400/50 EN1.4301 1274 941 673
10.15 T15-000-000 350 1,0 20-80 5-10 20-60 3x400/50 EN1.4301 1825 1250 796
12.20 T72-000-000 500 2,0 20-80 5-10 20-60 3x400/50 EN1.4301 2201 1458 794

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